Machine Shop Projects

I'd always dreamed of having my own machine shop, but the price of the equipment always seemed out of reach. But, shortly after retirement I picked up a 1930 vintage 9-inch South Bend lathe. A Van Norman No. 6 mill then came along, followed by 13-inch and 10-inch Sheldon lathes. By buying "pre-owned" and building my own accessories whenever possible, my dreams are finally coming true.

I've been using my machine tools for building shop accessories and making repairs since first getting them. It took a few years to getting around to building any "playthings."

This menu will lead you to of a sampling of my machine shop projects. As time goes by and we finish making more of our things look presentable, more pictures will be added. Check back in a year, or so.

2X Scale Moriya Hot Air Fan
One-half Scale Moriya Hot Air Fan
The Miser Hot Air Engine, a Jerry Howell design
A Bremen Walking Beam Hot Air Engine
A Robinson Hot Air Engine
A Pipe Fitting Robinson Engine
A Heinrici Hot Air Engine
The Stuart Beam Steam Engine
Rider-Ericsson hot air pumping engine
A Poor Man's Digital Position Readout (DRO)


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