The Wildflowers of Wawawai Canyon
February, March and April

From a distance this barren landscape looks uninviting. Only on foot can one discover its real beauty.

The north side of the canyon faces squarely into the sun, gathering warmth that brings out flowers as early as February.

Arming myself with a camera better suited for close-ups, in 2003 I started capturing pictures of far greater variety of flowers and in greater abundance than anyplace I have ever been. It may take years of research to find their names; in the meantime, here they are for your viewing enjoyment.

I make no pretense about these pictures. They are more documentary than artistic. My main reason for being out on the hills is to get the exercise. The pictures are secondary. Except for ground-hugging plants, everything is in constant motion from the persistent breezes, making a tripod irrelevant. If you notice a lack of sharpness, that's the reason why.

This arid region does not produce plants with large, showy flowers. Most of the blossoms you see, here, are the size of an aspirin tablet. Many are smaller than a peppercorn.

If you recognize any of these, please feel welcome to e-mail me and tell me their names.

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Arrowleaf balsam root on the left. Prairie star flower on the right.

Yellow bells, Fritillaria pudica.

Brodiaea douglasii

Red stem filaree


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