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375 AD
Goths allowed to cross the Danube and enter the Roman Empire
378 AD
Fritigern leads Goths into war throughout Greece
382 AD
Fritigern dies, Goths become unruly, Modar (a deserterfrom the Amali) attacks the Goths. The Goths adopt and Ostrogoth named Athanaric as their leader.
395 AD
More Goths cross the Danube and are led by Aleric the Goth into Greece. Stilicho clears the Peloponnese, threatening Aleric, who tries to make peace with him because he fears his power. The Goths are granted self rule in Illyricum and Stilicho is declared "Enemy of the Republic" by the Senate of Constantinople.

400 AD
Goths cross into Italy; Stilicho clears Roman forts on the Rhine to protect Rome. The Goths then retire to Greece
406 AD
Vandals, Burgundians, Suevi, Alani and goths invade from the North
409 AD
Stilicho tried, convicted and killed in Rome
410 AD
Since Stilicho is now dead, Aleric invades Italy again
476 AD
Odocar, a barbarian, assumes the title "King of Italy"